beyond resolution


To mark this new day, this new year, this new adventure, I will:

1. Be grateful for those I’ve met on my path this past year. I’ll recall, with gratitude, their support, their wisdom or their challenge to my set way of thinking. I’ll wish them all the abundance of the universe.

2. Let go of the tired story that I am not good enough. A silly fable that has only grown to mythic proportions in my retelling of it. It is time for a bold re-write infused with the power of vulnerability.

3. Clarify the difference between my fear and my intuition. Noticing and fully acknowledging the fear but choosing to trust the intuition and follow the inspirational call to sail further away from the comfort of the shoreline.

4. Take care of myself, in earnest. Breathing, eating, drinking, playing, resting, working and relating all in balanced levels of presence, challenge, nourishment and radical acceptance of what is.

5. Take conscious, simple steps forward that are in clear alignment with my values. Resolve only to hope without expectation, love without fear and accept pain as part of a lived experience but not suffering.

“Silence before the storm” 寧 Serenity / SML.20121130.IP3

May the peace and power of leaving your own shorelines be yours this year!



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