forging a path

I am oddly passionate about words.  Forging is a word that has some serious heft to it.  It makes me think of firm-bodied men and women, who come from hearty peasant stock, clearing the land of dense forest so they could set up shop in their newly tamed patch of land and bear litters of stocky children to help them claim and clear more land.  It speaks of fierce determination and a horse-drawn work ethic that’ll take you as far as your covered wagon can take you.

To be honest though, I was originally leaning towards using a tagline that read “faking a path to overcoming the overwhelm” because on any given day, I can also find myself walking out into the world with wearing my “fake it till you make it” sunglasses.

Either word will do the trick if it gets me closer to a place of balance. Finding or creating a place of sustainable serenity that is far past the fields of fear, panic and debilitating anxiety.

But “forging” speaks more strongly to the fact this work, this awakening to reactive patterns, to noticing addiction to anxious activity and to climbing out of the ocean of overwhelm are not tasks for the faint of heart.  Simple but certainly not easy.

The stories we tell ourselves are stored deeply in our cells and one or two of the lifetime of anecdotes are revealed with every step and every breath we take.  So, one step at a time, one breath at time, the stories are asking to be re-written, the breath is calling out to be breathed consciously and the peace that comes from being only in the present moment can be experienced.



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