the matter of grey matter

The mighty mind.  The brilliant brain.  Where grey matter matters.

Many of us view our minds as the essence of who we truly are.  The ‘real’ us. Thereby relegating our bodies to the role of receptacles that house our ever-important thoughts, ideas, visions and brainwaves.

Our minds are the mighty monster machines that leap moments in a single bound; jumping from past to future faster than a speeding bullet.

But our bodies cannot be anywhere else but here. They can’t drift off on fantastical adventures. They are rooted here. They root us here. They are tailor-made for the present moment.

Think of a time when your mind was drifting off from what was in front of you to somewhere else. Then, all of a sudden, a physical discomfort, or tickle or itch brought you back to the moment where the discomfort, tickle or itch actually existed.  Brought you back to your body that was still right where your mind left it to wonder, desire, fret, consider or ruminate.

Trying to think of being in the present moment or attempting to will yourself to be present doesn’t work. Believe me, I’ve tried. The present moment is not in your mind.  Its waiting for you to be discovered in your body.



Sitting, breathing and settling your restless mind on the grounded-ness of your body is a start to discovering the present moment right there in your body, in your breath.

In this way, the body is like a magnet, pulling the present moment to you and gently inviting your mind to come in. To come in, settle in and rest.

Even right now, this very second, let your mind rest on the breath moving through your body, filling and emptying.

By noticing the breath moving in your body, the present moment is magnetically drawn to you. Your body, firmly rooted in the present, invites, this moment to stop by for a visit.

And the body continues to greet you each time your wandering mind recognizes the breath’s movement, stops to engage and watch then choosing to sit for a moment with it.



you are everyone

You are every parent you will ever have.
You are every child you will ever parent.
You are every student you will every teach.
You are every teacher you will ever have.
You are every brother, sister, friend, lover you will ever know.
You are every person you will ever meet.

How does it change things to know that you are not separate from others? And that, in fact, there are no “others” because you are everyone.

How does it feel knowing that, at any moment, you could react as they do, reflect their level of distorted thinking or reflect their incredible clarity, calmness and wisdom?

Would that impact your ability to understand and even tolerate one you have previously thought of as the insufferable “other”?

The fact that you recognize another’s intolerable characteristics suggests that those very traits are currently alive and well in you.  Can you accept those traits in yourself?


We are one, after all, you and I, together we suffer, together exist and forever will recreate each other.  

~Pierre Teilhard de Chardin~

Acceptance means that you are not better than, worse than and not even equal to.

You. Are. Everyone.