no detour

During this most recent unexpected, messy bout of wintery-April, freezing-rain, pellet-snow, ice-slush weather, I got into the habit of checking the weather and travel news on multiple online platforms on an almost-continuous basis.

Saying it was an intravenous injection level of constant information would not be an overstatement.

The premier message of the entire special weather event was a traffic watch tweet in response to a specific road closure in a rural area that ended with the dire warning “there is no detour”.

I was totally captivated by the complete and utter lack of hope in this statement.

I know, morbid much?

It was basically saying “you can’t get there from here!”

There is no way out!”.

You can’t go around, you can’t go through”.

You can’t control this or think your way out of this situation”.

There is nothing left to do but wait out the storm”.

The “no detour” sign was an imposed breathing space in the middle of chaos incarnate.

It was ultimately the gift of delay.


There is no detour here for you. No way out. No way to get where you want to go in the current conditions.

So just sit still.

Wait it out.

The storm will subside.

At some point.

Even though you may not now how or when.

How you use the delay is up to you.