Reflections on Resilience

from overwhelm to okay

  “Danette cries easily even when making minor errors like reversing her ‘b’s and ‘p’s while printing.”   In my defense, I was only 5 years old when this was written. And kindergarten was hard!   My magically-kind teacher was as close to being Glinda the Good Witch as any human being could get.  But she wasn't magical enough to prevent the overwhelm.  To keep the too-muchness of my new learning and social schedule at bay.   Glinda was spot on. Danette was definitely overwhelmed.   Somehow, I managed to conquer the internal chaos long enough to successfully learn.  I ...
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forging a path

"Forging" is a word that has some serious heft to it.   I think of firm-bodied men and women who come from hearty peasant stock.  They clear the land of dense forest to set up shop in their newly tamed patch of land.  And they bear litters of stocky children to help them claim and clear more land.  It speaks of fierce determination and a mighty horse-drawn work ethic. To be honest though, I was originally leaning towards  “faking a path to overcoming the overwhelm” as a tagline.  On any given day, I walk out into the world wearing my ...
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