convenient half-truths


I can create such incredible fiction when things go sideways.









I can’t do anything

Presumed powerlessness is occasionally still my small and misguided reaction to the prevailing winds of life. When I perceive that I’m trapped in a moment or in a life choice, I’m not. That is just a story. I can choose to take a deep breath and respond instead of choosing to simply react. I can choose to take responsibility for my response. And I can accept the outcome of the situation, no matter what.

I have to do something

Jigsaw puzzles, lateral thinking tests and crime dramas are simple ways for me to engage my imagined problem-solving superpowers. Even working away at solving a particular problem feels empowering as if I’m in control of something. But sometimes life is not a problem to be solved and is just what it is. How about noticing the puzzle?  Then doing absolutely nothing in response?

It is my/ their fault

That weaves nicely into the sub-plot of my story that says someone must be held accountable. How convenient to reduce the interaction to that black and white conclusion. But is it true or useful?  Not even a little. Instead of clarity, it creates the fog of deflection while trying to avoid genuine communication. What if it was more like ‘no matter what has happened, it is my choice how I will respond and I will take full responsibility for my response’?


Convenient half-truths.  Inconvenient confusion.  Choose clarity instead.

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2 thoughts on “convenient half-truths

  1. As usual very thought provoking Danette….especially What if “life is not a problem to be solved and is just what it is.” Doing “nothing” in response can take a lot of restraint and courage, because we want answers and action and change! It seems that you are saying, sometimes “nothing” is exactly what we need to do in order for the situation to unfold into its fullness! Then we can observe deeply. Thank you for these blogs Danette, you always give me a fresh perspective to consider!!!

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