Resilient & Resourced Educator Podcast #2

Oct 29, 2020

Carolina: Find Your Mentors

Carolina is a grounded, innovative educator who has taught from JK to Grade 4 over the past 13 years. Now with her Master of Education under her belt, she is working on her Principal Qualifications and has been actively involved on the Equity & Diversity Committee with her board. Her vocal passionate support and advocacy for others extends beyond the school hallways where she has founded and leads a female leadership project called Feminine Harbor and you can also find her on LinkedIn and Instagram.




Carolina leans heavily on the memory of her ancestors to work through challenging times. She knows that they experienced events like wars, pandemics so she takes strength from their best practices when dealing with the school year ahead. But she also stresses the need for kindness towards others since we all deal with hard times in our own way. She says “we do what we can and what we know!”. Not one to wait for things to come to her, Carolina has always reached out for mentors and strongly encourages others to do the same whether that’s an experienced educator, a therapist or a mentor. In her view, mentors are valuable in giving us permission to set a reasonable pace and glean wisdom from their experience of navigating the world of education.

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