Resilient & Resourced Educator Podcast #4

Oct 29, 2020

Lori: How are Your Happiness Chemical Levels?

With her Masters in Social Work, Lori has been an itinerant social worker with multiple schools in her portfolio but is now located at one high school of almost 1600 hundred students. Lori is a well of resources on self-aware, self-care habits.


Lori loved school and is grateful for so many positive educators who cared deeply for students and made learning fun while excelling at teaching. As she regularly deals with students and their trauma in her work, she realizes now that she also has to resource herself to continue to support those students in the school year ahead. In the face of the student/ parent/ educator state of constant worry of the unknown in this pandemic time, there are resources to deal with all that anxiety and not let it take over. Lori suggests methods of increasing your happiness chemicals as we head into more unknowns ahead. And she wisely reminds herself that worry is a misuse of your imagination!

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