Resilient & Resourced Educator Podcast #5

Oct 29, 2020

Linda: It’s Always About the Students

Linda has taught almost every elementary grade and even had a short stint as an LTO in high school which has given her 30 year career such depth and breadth. In the ups and downs of this pandemic year, her resilience is grounded in thoughtful support systems that will inspire you.




Linda‘s memorable mentor was an English teacher who challenged students with her incredibly high standards. But the true inspiration for becoming an educator wasn’t necessarily this or other influential teachers. This turned out to me Linda’s father was a school principal who also ran a family summer camp where Linda discovered her love of working with children. In times of stress, Linda’s support systems include remembering the basics of self-care and engaging with a gratitude accountability friend as a way to keep things in perspective. Linda’s innovative mind has created two amazing initiatives, each “born out of frustration”, and they are a testament to her unwavering belief in a student-centred education system. The PIVOT Plan and the @1every5 are interesting reads so listen to our conversation then dig in.


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