resilient & resourced educator podcast #8

Nov 9, 2020

Kathleen: Teachers and Students Are All Learning to Adapt


Kathleen is an energetic high school math teacher who simply loves being in the classroom! With the pandemic-led learning disruptions last spring, she sees how some students continue to struggle with the self-regulation and organizational skills needed to understand challenging math concepts. Join the conversation to hear what hopes this caring educator has for her students in a post-pandemic world.




Teaching had always been a back-up plan after a senior high school math teacher suggested she’d be good at it. But that suggestion stayed with Kathleen as she gravitated toward training and teaching roles in other jobs. Her areas of strengths include adaptability and creativity to help students in ways that she hasn’t had to before. She realizes now how challenging it is to see if a student is struggling in her class when she doesn’t have daily face-to-face contact with them. Going forward, Kathleen is committed to surrounding herself with human resources that include co-teachers, colleagues and therapy to stay healthy, resourced and kind to herself.


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