Resilient & Resourced Educator

The Resilient and Resourced Educator Podcast gives you an inside view of educators who have dedicated their lives to teaching, mentoring, coaching and supporting others on their learning journey. Education workers, new and experienced, reflect on their strengths, their areas of need and how they resource others and themselves. The unique stories of how passion for education was born and how that passion expresses itself will inspire you. All education workers worth their salt know that free time is at a premium so these pocket-sized chats can easily weave into your day.

Resilient & Resourced Educator Podcast #2

Carolina: Find Your Mentors Carolina is a grounded, innovative educator who has taught from JK to Grade 4 over the past 13 years. Now with her Master of Education under her belt, she is working on her Principal Qualifications and has been actively involved on the Equity & Diversity Committee with her board. Her vocal passionate support and advocacy for others extends beyond the school hallways where she has founded and leads a female leadership project called Feminine Harbor and you can also find her on LinkedIn and Instagram.       Carolina leans heavily on the memory of her ...
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Resilient & Resourced Educator Podcast #1

Kimiko: An Epic Helper Who Would Make Mr. Rogers Proud Kimiko is a charming blend of positive educator and energetic, no-nonsense activist and she has been doing this light-filled work for 15 years. When she’s not found on a picket line playing her guitar or encouraging others on her Twitter feed, this self-proclaimed “nerd” is providing exceptional streams of educational resources to her professional network or parents. After several years of teaching Primary/ Junior, Kimiko is now an ESL Itinerant and a compassionate advocate for all of her students including the newcomers to her community. If you want to be ...
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