resilient & resourced podcast – season 2, episode 2

Mar 15, 2021

Get Real!

Lisa is an energetic empath and self-described “open book” who places great value on her connection with others. She’s a strong proponent of being real with those around her so that she can get support when she needs it and give support to others when they need it. With creativity and an optimism that still honours difficult emotions, Lisa has found methods of staying hopeful and resilient through this pandemic year.


Lisa is grateful for her parents who inspired her to develop a strong work ethic and a confidence to rely on her own ability. The self-reliance she developed growing up is balanced with a belief in the power of making and keeping real connections. Lisa believes that being real with others is one of her key strengths and is vital for keeping her relationships healthy and strong.

With two children who have been learning from home since September alongside both Lisa and her husband working from home, there’s been a need for strategizing and renegotiating roles to make the new system work. The pandemic has also been a time of renewed creativity for Lisa who began painting again after decades of being away from it.

Lisa’s grounded positivity was particularly beneficial when she experienced a challenging delivery of her first child and the residual PTSD that also led her to reach out for professional help. It’s also helping her now when the stressors on the world stage are front and center. With passion, practical positivity and directness, Lisa sees good things in our post-pandemic experience.


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