resilient & resourced podcast – season 2, episode 3

Apr 1, 2021

Grief and Other Things the Body Knows

Jennie’s relationship with resilience has been marked by a strong sense of knowing that giving up simply wasn’t an option. Unravelling the impact of this survival mindset has been a lifelong journey punctuated by deep and significant losses. The ensuing grief and anger led Jennie to explore the wisdom of the body, ways of working with difficult emotions and a passion for helping others do the same.



Jennie is no stranger to grief but she’d be the first to say that it doesn’t define her. After the loss of her college roommate to cancer, she realized that stuffing her emotions while focusing primarily on service to others wasn’t working for her in the long term. In light of the emotional toll that the loss took on her emotional and mental health, Jennie reached out for support. Knowing that resources beyond her own determination were available became a lifeline when she lost her brother and newborn son in close succession. Inconsolable sadness and anger led her to work with a cranial sacral therapist and that has proven to be a life-altering experience. This power of this work has encouraged her to pursue her curiosity about the power of the body’s intuition and wisdom. Now as a Reiki Master, Jennie supports others in their healing and overall wellness while continuing her studies in areas of embodied awareness.

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