resilient & resourced podcast – season 2, episode 4

Apr 14, 2021

A Deep Well of Perspective


Micaela is a thoughtful mother of an active toddler who has discovered the power of maintaining a deep well of perspective. With eloquence, she speaks to filling your well with foundational habits over mindset, investing in positive connections and taking even the tiniest step forward with self-awareness.



Micaela was only nineteen when her father was diagnosed with terminal cancer and this was only one of “big events” in her life that helped her learn how to face difficult times that would follow. Along with the perspective she gained before leaving home, she also discovered the power of foundational habits. Years later, as she prepared to give birth to her child, she learned the difference between intention and expectation and was blessed with an empowering birthing experience. Micaela values investing in others who then become a “well” of resources during hard times and this is evident with her friendships that go back to kindergarten. Even with her commitment to friends and family, she is grounded in the fact that she enjoys spending time with herself and relies on a keen self-awareness to guide her.


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