resilient & resourced podcast – season 2, episode 5

Apr 28, 2021

Resilience is Always in Style


Monika’s courage and calm acceptance when facing life’s challenges is refreshing! She knows that we aren’t meant to travel the journey of life alone so she also enlists the support of others when she needs it. And, in fact, she cites family, friends and her colleagues as having been valuable resources for hope when she’s faced loss, overwhelm and illness. During a particularly dark time, Monika set out an intention to bring joy into the lives of others and continues to keep this promise even during these uncertain pandemic times.



Monika exudes genuine warmth and joy that easily translates into the welcoming atmosphere she’s created at her stylish, organic salon. Along with her talented and supportive team of stylists, Monika has graciously and courageously managed the roller-coaster of pandemic shutdowns and reopenings over the past year.

In reflecting on her past losses and difficult times, Monika has learned to lean on those experiences to understand the necessity of perseverance.

As a young child, Monika experienced the loss of her father and tributes her mother for helping Monika and her brother to process their grief. As an adult, she moved to Canada and began a new life that was even more challenging because she had to do that while learning English. Learning is an on-going process for Monika and she treasures the power of books to support her health and well-being.

After a devastating condition impacted Monika’s sight, balance and even control of her own body, she began researching in earnest to learn more about the toxins used in her hair salon. Her learning paid off and she converted her salon to an all-organic business to reduce toxins for her, her team, her clients and for the environment.

Early in recovery, Monika received an invitation from a yogi friend to attend a yoga class with the sole intention of just lying on her mat. She resisted the invitation at first since she would require physical support to simply walk into the class. But three years later, she was relishing her strong tree pose!

Monika continues to grow and learn and is a beautiful inspiration to her colleagues, friends and clients!


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