resilient & resourced podcast – season 2, episode 6

May 21, 2021

What You Are Connected To Matters

In the last five or six years, Carly’s life has undergone a huge transformation. From commuting for several hours a day to work in a cubicle to now running a farm and forest school with her children. Upon reflection of how she arrived here, she notes how her view of resilience has changed from the idea of just “pushing through” to “letting go”. Join in on this grounded, creative and fascinating conversation about how amazing life can be when it doesn’t always turn out the way you had planned.

Carly’s early experiences with crippling panic attacks along with an obsessive need to do what was expected of her found her with a university degree and married with children at a young age but struggling. Back when the panic attacks were common, Carly didn’t really see any helpful resources especially when a doctor suggested medication for her anxiety instead of looking for sources of her anxiety in her environment.

While working at her secure government job but not being able to spend time with her children, Carly was shaken by a series of ‘rock bottom’ events that woke her up from her discontented trance. One key event was the very unexpected death of her dance teacher and the dark times that followed led Carly to make some big changes in her life.

Changes included leaving her marriage, quitting her cubicle job and launching a farm and forest school with her children. Now she and her children spend most of each day outdoors connecting to the land, to the animals on the farm, each other and their own intuition and curiosity for what learning looks like.

Carly’s concept of accessing her resources is extensive. From changing her environment, to seeing everything and everyone as a teacher, learning to befriend herself and surrounding herself with positive influences that may come from reading, long-term friendships or even connecting with like-minded individuals on social media platforms especially during pandemic times.

Enjoy Carly’s poem of resilience called “Wildflowers”.


Wildflowers do not ask for permission to grow – they just do.
They do not wait for someone to plant them, water them.
They find their way in the most unlikely of places.
Cracks in the concrete, tiny patches of grass along skyscrapers and city buildings.
Farmer’s fields and pastures, dirt roads, abandoned railways.
They refuse to be put in a box, growing only in someone else’s garden.
And while others may focus upon the things that they are not…
A rose with thorns
A tulip upon rows of bright conformity.
They are something more.
They are free.

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