resilient & resourced podcast – season 2, episode 7

Jun 26, 2021

Writing a Life

Erica remembers resenting how often she was told that she was resilient, especially when what she really wanted was a little help. I think we can all relate to that through these many pandemic months when the word “resilient” is tired and losing its shine. As a fellow writer and lover of words, I love how Erica sees writing as an everyday resource for her and others. Her view of stories and their power to connect us to ourselves and each other is a fresh take that I’ve been thinking about ever since our conversation. With the help of others and a growing faith in herself, Erica has shifted from a “pushing through” mindset to trusting herself.



When looking back on her life, Erica realized that during some of the most difficult times in her life, she was not writing or creating. After navigating a very challenging year of debilitating physical pain stemming from a mental health condition, Erica now sees how beneficial writing can be to process emotions and to connect with ourselves and others. Erica wrote a book about how she experienced the fear and loneliness during her invisible, yet painful condition. Now Erica shares her passion for writing through her online writing community that connects people from around the world. Check out the links to her Open Sky Stories community as well as her social media pages.

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