resilient & resourced podcast – season 2, episode 8

Aug 2, 2021

How to Have the Best Bad Day

Have you ever run into someone you hadn’t seen for over a decade?  On this episode of the Resilient and Resourced Podcast, that’s exactly what happens. Noramy was a student at a school where I was a Guidance Counsellor for 15 years. During our conversation, Noramy talks about the winding and completely unexpected path she has taken since her high school graduation and does it with incredible self-awareness and courage.



Following her high school graduation, Noramy studied education in pursuit of her dream to become a teacher. Then, as it often does, life happened and the direction of the path changed. Facing mental health issues head on in those early post-secondary years meant learning the hard lesson of asking for support. Noramy needed to remember that lesson even as she travelled from university, to college back to university. Now, as she is on the cusp on entering a Masters program, Noramy has a unique vision of what it means to self-advocate. This life skill serves her well as she knows when it’s time to take a break, ask for help and even plan for the “best bad day”. You can follow Noramy on Instagram.



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