season of reflection

January 1st

In the dim light of the joys and the challenges of the past year, there seems to be very  little wisdom available now for how to move ahead in my usual bold-plan-that-hopefully-leads-to-confidence-about-what-I-am-doing kind of way.

Instead, in this soft-lit space set aside at this time each year for some new year reflection there is a great, massive silence that is as awkward as a blushing, pimply-faced adolescent whose voice is changing by the minute.

In the spirit of simplicity and letting it be, the silence is the front runner for the only clear path ahead. It’s like turning over a blank tarot card.  Or taking the road less travelled in the dark with earplugs in.

As challenging as it is for a verbal processor, like me, and a writer to say, the new year is looking like it might be a year of more silence.  Speaking less.  Hmmm…that’s going to be tough!  I talk.  A lot!  Speaking less would mean…

Listening more.  Reflecting.  Learning more. 

And just keeping my eyes on the path that is already in front of me.

The path is actually very clearly marked.  It’s right in front of me.  And those who go along side me are right there, too.  Grateful for that.  And them.

May your new year be one where the joys are strong and enduring and the challenges are short-lived and manageable!

And may you nourish yourself with a self-compassion that supports you during the inevitable challenges.

Peace to you all.


4 thoughts on “season of reflection

  1. Always grateful for your simple invitations for thoughtful reflection. Peace, warmth and continued blessings to you and yours throughout this new year!

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