soothing manoeuvers

Aug 31, 2020


The School of Life has an absolutely lovely post titled How We Crave to Be Soothed”.  The simple act of reading it was a refreshing as an afternoon nap.   Or having an unexpected day off.


Within the lines of this gem is where the phrase “soothing manoeuvers” tugged me by the ear to come closer, lean in and listen to the poetry of calm. 


I enjoy reading the School of Life essays and not just because I’m a fan of British-speak like “having a small lie down” for resting or eating something as “taking a tray”.  I also love how they pronounce migraine (mee-graine) but that’s veering a little off-topic.


In the midst of the relentless chaos of our current times, we may, more often than usual, need to be comforted as a mother cares for her child.  As adults, the need for solace doesn’t go away but the role of comforter is now played by us. 


At other times, we need to be empowered; to be bolstered up and energized for the revolution of our times.  A friend says that naps are resting up for the revolution. Smart friend!


Soothing manoeuvers don’t need to be an escape plan from life’s stressors.   They can:


    • be something you do in a moment and just for a moment  

    • be woven into your daily routine to build up immunity to overwhelm and despair

    • involve stillness or activity

    • be a soothing balm for the highly sensitive among us who struggle with how the turbulence of our times are negatively impacting our environments


I’ve created some very short (under 2 min) video clips of gentle practices for rattled nerves.  I’ll be adding new soothing manoeuvers weekly so subscribe to be notified when a new one is released.


After some necessary consolation, we’ll then be ready to rise up, connect authentically with others, make meaning in the world and raise our voices to fight injustice with renewed energy.




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