Soothing Manoeuvers

soothing manoeuvers #2 – balance

Balance builds courage! It can be done almost anywhere and is a nice change for those who prefer activity over stillness.  
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soothing manoeuvers #1 – cocooning

Cocooning can be any relaxing, enveloping action that can calm chaos, soothe jangled nerves and settle breath, body and mind. Even a few moments of cocooning can settle an overwhelmed nervous system.  
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soothing manoeuvers – introduction to video series

  The School of Life has an absolutely lovely post titled “How We Crave to Be Soothed”.  The simple act of reading it was a refreshing as an afternoon nap.   Or having an unexpected day off.   Within the lines of this gem is where the phrase “soothing manoeuvers” tugged me by the ear to come closer, lean in and listen to the poetry of calm.    I enjoy reading the School of Life essays and not just because I'm a fan of British-speak like "having a small lie down" for resting or eating something as "taking a tray".  I ...
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