Cool mornings that glide into much warmer afternoons are marking this slower-than-usual passage into spring this year.

The light is getting lighter.



Preparations for graduation ceremonies are signposts that a significant change is coming for senior students.

Relationships start and relationships end.

Health levels fluctuate from frail to robust and back again.

Doors open and close.

It is as it has always been.



Changes will occur without approval or acceptance but there are ways to prepare and to increase resilience through times of inevitable transition.



1. Ground

Stress is natural during transitions so you can choose to normalize it and don’t stress about being stressed!  Sit still and get comfortable with discomfort so that it doesn’t topple you over in the winds of stormy days.

2. Practice

Weave calming strategies into the day so they come more naturally in times of stress. Simply stopping and taking three slow breaths at any time can bring more clarity and calmness.  Notice your reactions to stressful situations and get curious about them.

3. Visualize

Consider what might you need as you move through times of change and visualize yourself having all that you will need once you get where you are going.  Think abundance over scarcity. Then notice where those resources are available to you right now.

4. Connect

Don’t go it alone! There are others who will support you or even just walk alongside you as you go through tough transitions. Keep your eyes open for those helpers, because they are always there.



Being ready for right now is the best way to be ready for tomorrow.