time for ‘out-waiting’

Feb 18, 2018


During the most recent Olympic hockey game, the Canadian women’s hockey team was playing Switzerland and a commentator complimented the Swiss goalie for ‘out-waiting’ a lone Canadian shooter to prevent a goal in a game where the Swiss were already down 3 goals to 1.  What a great concept!  Out-waiting.

Out-waiting: engaging in the essential pause.  A skill to practice.  A practice to repeat.

Can you choose to out-wait this moment’s distraction?  The fear?  The rage?  The attachment?  The dullness?  The resentment?  The desire? The complaint-on-the-tip-of-your-tongue?

Is there a lone attacker gliding toward you ready to take a shot?  What will you do?

Take a deep breath and engage the mighty “out-wait”.


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