what do you need?

May 16, 2022
What do you need?  


What is it that you need right now?  At this very moment.

To get some clarity, can you take a moment to pause and orient towards yourself?


Get quiet.

Get curious.

Listen with compassion to what comes up when you ask yourself what you need.


You may want to place your hand over your heart, notice the feeling of it beating in your chest as you check in with yourself.


What resource would support you in meeting that need right now?


  • A moment or a few minutes of quiet and solitude?
  • Some water to hydrate?
  • A walk? A run?
  • A nap?
  • A messy, ugly cry?
  • A meaningful conversation with an authentic friend?
  • A break from your all-or-nothing thinking? Or just a break from thinking altogether?
  • A move to a safer space?
  • Saying no?
  • Saying yes?
  • Say absolutely nothing with no apologies?


In your noticing, are you getting stuck on what you’re supposed to need right now?   Having an unexpressed “should” attached to your noticing may cause you to constrict in your body and your spirit. What is it that you truly need?

And how will you know what you need?

If you can get quiet and still for even just a moment to listen to your heartbeat and maybe, in that quiet stillness, your body may be able to whisper what it needs.


What would it take for you to pause for a moment, listen to your body and ask what it needs right now?


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