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I believe that you are hard-wired to be resilient!  But resilience is more than surviving, it's about flourishing.  Occasionally, that means reaching out for help to discover your less visible resources.  Resilience is the art of the elegant rebound and is more about skill than will.  I help others develop skills and strategies to tap into their rugged self, access their resources and live their most robust life!

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soothing manoeuvers #12 orienting

Somatics means “having to do with the body” and this type of work explores where we carry our stress and old and new traumas in our body.  It also explores how to work with the body to release these heavy energies that we’ve stored in a safe and manageable way.  I've recently been learning from Irene Lyon who teaches about the importance of a regulated nervous system and I encourage you to check out the abundance of resources on her site and her YouTube channel.  For more great resources like this, sign up to get my monthly newsletter!

latest reflections on resilience

a year of harmonic thinking

This time of year is naturally reflective for many of us.   Our minds stroll through the aisles ...
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reading the body

  I adore secondhand bookstores.  And libraries. In fact, anywhere that books recline and bide their time until ...
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tickled pink

R: You know how purple is your favourite colour? Me:  Yup. R: And you know I’ve been looking ...
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