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about danette

I believe that you are hard-wired to be resilient!  But resilience is more than surviving, it's about flourishing.  Occasionally, that means reaching out for help to discover your less visible resources.  Resilience is the art of the elegant rebound and is more about skill than will.  I help others develop skills and strategies to tap into their rugged self, access their resources and live their most robust life!

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Ease and Release

We all have some stored survival stress that we carry with us in our bodies and that impacts our nervous systems. Most of us need support to work through the impacts of carrying the weight of long-held stressors but we can learn some small ways to NOT add more stored stress. Here is a simple, but not easy method of noticing and softening tension in the body.

latest reflections on resilience

the thawing process

Perhaps you were a quiet child.  Calm and compliant.  Perhaps you preferred stillness to movement.  Silence to conversation.  ...
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it’ll all end in tears

  Home to moist cobwebs and well-fed centipedes, the cement basement is not a welcoming space for beings ...
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naturally present

  Years ago, fresh off a small town bus, I was alone at a city crosswalk alongside dozens ...
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