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about danette

I believe that you are hard-wired to be resilient!  But resilience is more than surviving, it's about flourishing.  Occasionally, that means reaching out for help to discover your less visible resources.  Resilience is the art of the elegant rebound and is more about skill than will.  I help others develop skills and strategies to tap into their rugged self, access their resources and live their most robust life!

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Grounded in strategic thinking and infused with mindfulness, I bring twenty years experience in embodied practices (meditation, yoga, breathwork) and fifteen years in education as a counsellor and teacher to mindfulness sessions. I have worked extensively with educators, parents and students creating customized curriculum and training design.


Living a robust life of meaning and calm is not simply about surviving through challenges. And it certainly takes more than just a positive mindset and willpower to overcome the inevitable roadblocks. Throughout our lives, we have each needed a mentor - a valuable resource as part of our holistic support system. In these challenging times, a coach will support your overall wellness with practical strategies, resources and encouragement to help you reach your goals. 

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