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about danette

I believe that you are hard-wired to be resilient!  But resilience is more than surviving, it's about flourishing.  Occasionally, that means reaching out for help to discover your less visible resources.  Resilience is the art of the elegant rebound and is more about skill than will.  I help others develop skills and strategies to tap into their rugged self, access their resources and live their most robust life!

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soothing manoeuvers #10 – poetry

Poetry can be a soothing balm for chaotic times. It can be hopeful without being glib. And can be like a hymn in praise of so many things that fill us with gratitude.

resilient & resourced educator #9 – Mary

Mary has been an Educational Assistant for 11 years and sees her primary role as being a caring presence for her students.  A positive and encouraging support for her students and her colleagues, Mary believes in the power of intentionally reaching out to others when things get stressful instead of going it alone.

latest reflections on resilience

sheltering in place

“Barn’s burnt down - Now I can see the moon” (Mizuta Masahide)     As I sit here ...
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pomegranate perspectives

  My partner is almost a whole foot taller than I am.  This significant height gap means, among ...
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a modest harvest

  If you looked at our backyard in Google Earth, you would mostly see a canopy of green ...
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