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about danette

I believe that you are hard-wired to be resilient!  But resilience is more than surviving, it's about flourishing.  Occasionally, that means reaching out for help to discover your less visible resources.  Resilience is the art of the elegant rebound and is more about skill than will.  I help others develop skills and strategies to tap into their rugged self, access their resources and live their most robust life!

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soothing manoeuvers #11 – the abc’s of calm

  You likely won't see this practice on any self-care, life hack lists. I've found it calming to use the alphabet as the base for a mind task in stressful times and I've found it to invite calm in my breath and my body. Check out other soothing manoeuvres to see ones that work for you or inspire you to create your own.

latest reflections on resilience

Yes, broken!

  Q: Hey, how are you? A: Okay. Q: Just okay? A: Yes.     Have you had this ...
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  I love puzzles.  Crossword Jigsaw Lateral thinking Crime dramas (especially something from BBC) that can be on ...
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grit and bear it

  On the first day of Grade 8, the homeroom teacher, Mr. Couch asked us to write a ...
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