About you

You are already resilient!

Sure you get overwhelmed, anxious and occasionally yearn for some peace of mind, clear direction or motivation, that's okay. Overwhelm is not a lack of resilience.

resilience is the art of the elegant rebound. it's skill-based, not will-based.

You are:

  • a courageous, creative problem-solver who leans into discomfort
  • aware that you are only responsible for your responses and actions
  • not looking for a quick fix or a fixer
  • keen on the synergy of collaborative coaching relationship
  • clear on the fact that coaching is different from professional counselling
  • committed to creating the relationship with yourself that you've always wanted
  • prepared to learn how to befriend your body, your mind and your heart

About Us

We will connect first to simply have a conversation.   If there's a fit, an alignment of purpose and process then we can work collaboratively to clarify a path moving forward.

We'll work together on the premise that living a robust life of meaning and calm is not simply about surviving through challenges.

And that it takes more than a positive mindset and willpower to overcome the inevitable slow downs, detours and roadblocks.

Let's have that conversation!

Fundamentals of Somatic Experiencing Workshop (2020)

Faculty of Social Work, Laurier University



Restorative Justice in Education: Circle Training (2019)

Dennis Gingerich, Alongside Consulting



CBT Level 1: Fundamentals of Cognitive Behavior Therapy Course (2018)

Faculty of Social Work, Laurier University



Threat and Risk Assessment Workshop (2017)

Safer Schools Together, Kevin J Cameron



Psychology of Yoga & Mindfulness Workshop (2017)

Michael Stone



Mental Health First First Aid (2015)

Canadian Mental Health Association - Waterloo Wellington Dufferin



Certified Coach Practitioner Course (2012)

Certified Coaches Federation



200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training (2009-2010)

Hart Lazer, United Yoga


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